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How can O'Dell Restaurant Consulting help you?

Brandon O'Dell with O'Dell Restaurant Consulting has three primary methods of helping restaurant owners and food service professionals. No matter which method you choose for service, it all starts with a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation. You'll have the opportunity to receive some free help and evaluate our services to see if they are right for you.

After discussing your concerns with Brandon O'Dell, we can design a service package to specifically address your issues. The package will be based on one of two types of assistance.

1. Advisory consulting
For when you are looking for advice and don't have a defined project or goal to complete. Advisory consulting requires a retainer and is a "pay per hour used" service.
2. Project consulting
For when you have a defined task or goal that needs to be accomplished. Project consulting cost is based on a flat quote for the project from beginning to end, with half the cost due up front and half due upon completion. We agree on what the goal is, how it is measured, and how we know when the goal is accomplished.

We can deliver consulting services via three methods

Email:   Via email we can create and customize spreadsheets, manuals, checklists, menus, brochures, posters and more. You may need help setting up an inventory system, writing and costing a menu or recipes, creating an operations manual or putting together an ad. All these things can be done via email.

Telephone:   By telephone, you can have the answers to many of your questions at your fingertips. You may need advice on how to solve an on-going problem in your business, or you may just need to run a new marketing idea past someone who has seen it tried before. No matter what your concern, telephone consultations help give you the piece of mind you need to make important decisions that greatly affect your business.

On-site:   There is no better way to diagnose a problem with your business than by getting a personal visit. Brandon O'Dell can personally travel to your business to help determine where your most pressing needs are. A good way to start is with a week long evaluation. By the end of the week, Brandon O'Dell can form an action plan to put your business on the right track. You can use this action plan to implement your own fixes, or have Brandon help you implement them. On-site visits are available for individual projects also.