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Operations and marketing consulting for restaurants and food services of all types

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting is based out of Kansas City and provides services anywhere it is possible to email, call or travel. We provide restaurant and food service consultant services for quick service (fast food) and full service restaurants, hotel food services, contract management dining services in colleges and universities, private city clubs, country clubs, concessions, caterers and business and industry cafeterias and convenience stores. We help these businesses create and implement the same organizational and reporting systems their chain competitors use every day.

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting also offers concept development and marketing strategy and execution. We base our client's marketing strategies off the belief that strong customer bonds are created through the use of an emotion based unique selling point. We help our clients find what is truly "special" and "unique" about their business, and teach them how to use emotion based marketing to leverage their unique selling point into a marketing strategy that will give customers an emotional attachment to their business and keep them coming back time and time again.

There is one core motto that we use to guide our restaurant and food service consultant services with, no matter how big or small the project...

Simple is more profitable.

Whether we are helping you develop a menu, design a logo, website or marketing piece, or advising on how to solve employee issues, we believe that it is better, and more profitable, to keep things simple. The simpler your plan is, the more likely you will be to follow through on it and succeed. When a plan is simple, it requires less time, less labor, less supervision, less planning and less money. It reduces the opportunity for mistakes and greatly increases your chances for success. Utilize our years of research and experience turning money losing operations profitable. Let us share how others have already done what you are trying to do.

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting is no longer accepting new clients. Please contact Brandon O'Dell by email with any questions.